Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 9

Day 9, Friday again...
We began our day with more dream talk.  Some homesteaders have been dreaming about unicorns that explode and rain down cookies on everyone.  Our first song was the Coffee song, the first run through was proper, the second run through was a change up for Rolph about alpaca poo!  Jesslyn taught us a song about milk where we got milk each others teat hands.  We also sang Mountain Dew and did Black Socks in a round.  Owen tried to teach us a stuttering butter song but we had a hard time learning this one!

a gift of alpaca poo for Rolph, from Tom and Will

Some goals today were:

  • finish my house
  • finish printing the emmetts
  • finish lumber order
  • draw out house on wood for shop dog
  • drink 3 bottles of water
  • finish cardboard model
  • start home building
  • pay for lumber
  • drink 4 bottles of water
  • drink 5 bottles of water
  • drink 6 bottles of water
  • get started on the newspaper
It used to be that every time we told homesteaders to take a drink they would say, "Aw, again... I just had some."  Now they say, "I bet I can drink more water than you!"

At our brief morning meeting we had a talk about equity verses equality.  Homesteaders shared that equity is when people get what they need, equality means everyone gets the same thing.  Jesslyn gave us some great examples of this to think about.  "If everyone got a piece of cake and a sardine sandwich for lunch, would you feel like you got what you needed?  What if you don't like cake? What if you don't like sandwiches?  Some people would be full and feel good after lunch but others would still be hungry."  Also Jesslyn used an example of foot size.  Everyone stuck out their foot and compared it with the homesteaders sitting on either side of them, "What if we all had to wear the same exact shoes?"  This was a nice way of making sure that all homesteaders are on the same page for everyone getting what they need.

After this: WERK BERZERK!!!  Happenings in this time slot: cardboard models, lumber orders, paying for lumber, drawing out house pieces on wood,  printing emmetts, radio station interviews, business at the trading post...!

Boys at the mint, printing emmetts
Another day another check to write!  Will seems like a real
money bags since we always catch him writing checks!

Is that a 1 emmett bill or a 100?

The check mark means that it is authentic 

Working on a lumber order

Working on a lumber order... doing math!

The radio station has some great DJ'S

Keeping track of emmetts at the trading post
Working on a cardboard model

A happy homesteader and a completed cardboard model!

Working on a lumber order

Drawing out plans on wood to be cut, these glorious circle pieces
were donated to Village by Whitney Bros in Keene.  Thank you!!

Another happy homesteader and a completed cardboard model!
 After another very busy and productive morning we always like to have a nice lunch and go swimming.  Sunblock is an important part of this ritual!
Applying it generously!

Commissioners lend a hand to make sure everyone is covered
At town meeting this afternoon it was discussed and voted on to pay the town clerk, moderator, secretary and possibly the boys at the mint 60 emmetts a week for their efforts.  The moderator once again had a little trouble keeping order.  Rolph declared himself king, of the fecal kingdom.  Tmon offered himself and his snakes a guards for the castle.  The Painter did not like this at all, he declared that Rolph wasn't the king.  Elliana said that Rolph couldn't be king because we didn't vote on it.  Rolph clarified that you are not voted for as a king, you are born this way, "I am chosen to rule by God."  This got Chris and Manbat involved.  A motion was then passed to have government.  Rolph then declared himself dictator.  There were some murmurs that he was a tyrant.  Again, the Painter had problems with Rolph's declaration.  Near this point our afternoon entertainment arrived and meeting was recesses until next Monday.  After the meeting Tmon and Tarzan both pledged their support of Rolph with gifts and offerings of service.

Our afternoon entertainment:  Juggling with the famous juggler, Susan Lord!!!!  Susan taught us how to juggle balls, socks, scarves, and potatoes!!!  It was SO much fun!!  Thank you Susan!  The best part for me about juggling was taking the pictures, balls everywhere and very funny faces!
Our newspaper photographer catching
some action

Team juggling

Balls and potatoes everywhere!!

The newspaper editor met with a journalist to discuss
layout and content in the New Peepshire Times.

While that went on outside in front, some homesteaders wanted to continue a bit of WERK BERZERK.  
The trading post is making a TON of emmetts!
I heard several advertisements for specials at the trading post on the radio today.  Also I heard about several job openings.  It costs 7 emmetts to run an ad in the newspaper and 7 emmetts to have a jingle on the radio, if you purchase your ads together, you get them for the low price of 10 emmetts!  Too many songs were played today to list. 
drawing a lumber order out

working on house building
drawing a lumber order out

Tom's house nearly done!
Will shows off Tom's house

It is blue and very sturdy
A timber frame, sort of!
Today we liked:
  • working on houses
  • finishing a house!
  • everyone was happy today
  • swimming in a hat... kept me real cool
  • capture the flag
  • juggling with 3 balls
  • the whole day!!!
  • juggling abilities exceeding expectations
  • coming to visit Village
  • primitive shelters are still intact
  • some newspaper articles are done
  • the whole two weeks!
  • hearing a song on the radio that I love
  • my house turned into a fortress
  • Fallon's long swim into the deep
We wish:
  • for a million bucks
  • Will could stay longer at Village
  • for more swimming
  • I had three similar things to juggle at home'
  • my hat was still cool and wet
  • for a million wishes to come true
  • it wasn't Friday
  • my back wasn't sweaty
  • Village was more than 5 weeks
  • we could spend all day at the pond, it is hot!
  • to be invited back to Village to play!
  • for an army of squirrels
  • for no zombie cat Apocalypse
  • for pizza
  • that Village was school 
  • to be able to control time
  • Will's other camp has some kind of failure and he gets to come back sooner
We now have computers for the Village bank and newspaper.  Thank you Marlborough School!!!

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