Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 17

Where does the time go?  The day after tomorrow is our big appraisal day!  I can't believe that homesteaders are not the least bit stressed out by this, I know I am!  Our day began with more new letters, this bothers some but keeps others on their toes and ultimately is more fun for me to greet each of the homesteaders with a quiz rather than barking orders at them.  Today's letters: PWTPTCS.  This one was so hard that I couldn't even remember all of the letters!  I'd say ask your homesteader but they probably don't remember.  Pin Water Tractor Peep Town Center (S)chaperone!

Before we could get started with some singing, Emmett went ahead and rolled on the bag of gifts that Lilly brought for Rolph.  Emmett really, really, really likes cat poo!  He rolled for a bit, then ran off, then came back for more!  It was one of our high points, everyone was laughing.  After his roll-fest, Emmett then tormented the homesteaders by asking for attention and petting.  As pictured below, no one wanted anything to do with him!  In honor of this very dirty escapade, we changed the words to several songs to accommodate the moment.  We sang Brown Dog to the tune of Black Socks and we featured Emmett's dirty, llittle habit in our This Way That Way pirate song.  We also gave the Mermaid Song another try.

The selectpeeps informed us that it has come to their attention (at their meeting yesterday) that there is a need for a no trespassing law.   They have drafted such a law.  No trespassing must be posted very clearly on the property and the property's boundaries must be very clear (a good fence).  The fine for trespassing may not be more than 10 emmetts per step.  There is no maximum amount on this fine.  Also, the town is sponsoring the sign making.  There is no trickery clause within the law, so if you invite (or lure) someone to your land and it is posted as no trespassing the visitor may have to pay the fine as the property holder sees fit.
The plan o'the day sprouted a second set of legs!!

Everyone tries to keep away
 from Emmett!

Our next move was onto the land.  We got a brief glimpse of many properties and the improvements thereon.  After that we went Berzerk!

don't let him touch you!!!

Ced shows us Chris's primitive shelter,
 and nicely trimmed lawn
a nice mossy roof

nice use of bark, moss and rocks
CeCe shows us Elianna's primitive shelter
and finds her wallet wet in the grass

ferns and moss make a comfy P.S.

Tae'lar shows off Miranda's shelter

Aidan shows off Janis's P.S.
TARZAN's home is in the tree!

Lula shows us how she buries Sally
 everyday to protect her from the elements
Evie shows us Fernanda's home

everyone crowds in to see the inside
the cob has a nice roof now to keep it dry

the Painter's house seems to be a pit
inside of a tall wall with a rock
Ingrid shows us Lavender's nice screens

Elizabeth shows us Hermione's very slanty house...
perhaps a little foundation work is in need here

Jeff Adams' house gets dirty real easy

on a scale of stupid to epic, Jeff's house scores
7 for squirrel proof  and 3 for spider proof
Manbat's home will have a hook and string
 for Manbat to sleep upside down with
nice rock and leaf P.S.

Tmon's house is nice and red!
Ringo has a VERY nice fence

Paul has a VERY nice P.S.

Claire shows off Veronica's house and
a nice path she has begun to mow

Sarah hammers, Owen tries not to cry when it
 comes down on his thumb!
Elizabeth is finishing drawing her house pieces
 on her wood.  I hope she has some special kind
of magic to get this house done in time!

nearly finished! waiting for paint
sanding pieces

another magical homesteaders trying not
desperately enough to get her house finished!

Lovely brown couch!

Rolph tries out a nice blue couch that was
 custom made.  You can buy one too, just
25 emmetts!

look at this BIG mess!
it's always busy at the trading post

working on the job

Our great, big, dangerous tractor obstacle!  Hopefully he will be done tomorrow!

Our fabulous newest newspaper, complete with horoscopes, a puzzle and comics!

Today we liked:

  • the whole day!
  • almost finishing houses
  • it was a beautiful day
  • it is sunny!
  • almost finished prior wish
  • finished house!
  • the newspaper is out
  • finished remaking peep, but now she is bald
  • great weather
  • kind of good mustachio sales
  • landscaping is done
  • sleeping in a bed of nails tonight
  • weird iron marble floating near a ball of fire........... Village!!!!
  • buying the first splat stach (a mustachio that has been sat on)
  • the fall weather
We wish:
  • Village gets free pizza
  • we all finished houses
  • we all finished furniture
  • we didn't have to talk more about CTF rules
  • I didn't wear flannel lined pants today
  • it rained again during our walk back from the pond
  • it wasn't so cold in the morning
  • for a root beer float
  • for icecream
  • I could control time
  • that nobody buys the duel personality mustachio I made because I want it
  • I didn't lose my mini cat
  • for peep world peace

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