Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 10

short hair!
Our morning began with homesteaders getting their peeps off of the acre and out of primitive shelters.  So far this has been fairly incident free.  While we haven't had a peepocide yet, we do seem to have a wild hair eater/cutter.  Fallon's peep, Lilly, lost both her hair and her time and space capsule; Sarah's peep  lost her hair!  Some homesteaders feel the real threat is not the squirrels but the slugs, "Mr. Adams was chillaxen in his primitive shelter, and then a slug was crawling up his arm!"  It is not apparent if the slug did anything more than act slimy and gross.
Songs this morning included singing a new song about Mr. Dunn. Done or Dung... depending how you hear.  Also sung were the Jeep song (incorrect randomness), Coffee Pot song, and Lean on Me.  Dream share this morning included one about zombie deer.  Oh my!

Goals for today:

  • drink as much water as I can, this is a contest
  • help with lumber orders
  • build a rocket
  • nail and paint my house
  • drink more water than Jesslyn
  • train employees (so I can do other stuff)
  • get 3 more articles done on the Newspaper
  • draw out lumber order on wood
  • finish lumber order
  • hire a banker
  • finish cardboard model
  • finish house
  • drink more water than Harley and Jesslyn
  • drink more water than anyone!
  •  keep the radio station going all day

no hair!
chewed up time and space capsule

 After goals, Jordan taught us a new word: vexillology
Does it mean the study of angry tortillas? No.  Vexillology is the study and designing of flags.  There are 298 countries in the world, all with different flags.  Different colors carry different meanings.  Why did we speak of this?  It is time to create a flag for New Peepshire!

Moving along in our schedule, Werk Berzerk time!  At this time we had homesteaders all over the place.  Some were building houses, others working on their jobs, doing job interviews, lumber orders, and radio interviews!  A little talk radio was incorporated into the morning radio show.  Elianna interviewed Chris about democracies verses monarchies.  If you have been following our progress you will know that New Peepshire is without a government.  Last week peeps voted that they would rather have an elected government in place than a monarchy (which was proposed by Rolph).  Chris, "Right now Rolph can take over until we have a government in place, we need government fast!"
Elliana, "In the real world elections are more about commercials and who has more money..."  According to the radio show, even peeps in the red financially should be able to run for government positions.  "Call in if you don't want Rolph."  In today's radio poll 2 peeps supported Rolph, 3 peeps supported "other" and more than 10 supported the idea of democracy.

Also in our morning work block I saw the trading post manager reprimand one of her workers for disappearing during the shift!  "If it happens again, you are fired!"

On to lunch and nice long swim.....

At proper town meeting the first topic was the flag.  Fernanda was the only peep who bothered to make one.  She chose her colors with these ideas in mind: We protect our freedom with determination and courage.  If our homeland is threatened, we will use revolutionary measures and will find victory.  Our justice keeps us from acting without provocation and our resources are abundant.   The thread and needle symbolize the craftiness of the homesteaders.

A motion was made to accept Fernanda's flag as a flag for all New Peepshirians.  The first vote failed to gain a two thirds majority.  The motion was reconsidered and passed.  Next on the agenda was the continuation of the government discussion.  Chris proposed a direct democracy where everyone would have the option to make laws and attend meetings, but would have the choice not to.  A lot of shouts of "Order! Order!" and "Off topic" later, the peeps decided to vote on a representative democracy with three reps.  Other considerations were direct democracy, Emmett whispering to Jacques (and Jacques interpreting and sharing our rulers commands), and Emmett in a dragon costume assisted by Rolph.  Representative democracy won.  A motion was made to maintain a direct democracy until selectpeeps have been chosen.  This measure did not garner enough support to pass.  Chris then moved to change the rule requiring a two thirds majority to pass a measure to a simple majority.  This measure passed with surprising ease.  The motion to have direct democracy in place (to protect the community from peeps like Rolph) until select peeps are chosen was then reconsidered.  This time it passed with a very narrow margin.  Next it was moved that everyone should take a nap.  This motion passed 9 to 7.  Nap time began.  After the nap, town meeting was recessed.

Another block of Werk Berzerk... very similar to above!

Then a sweet surprise for half of the Village- another team building exercise.   The other half played frog detective and will do their sweet surprise tomorrow.

The peeps of New Peepshire
 Today we liked:

who can drink the most water???
  • swimming
  • playing frog detective
  • the whole day!
  • getting a job
  • the fun, sweet surprise
  • almost finishing houses
  • drinking 8 bottles of water
  • making a bed for my peep
  • drinking 6 bottles of water
  • having a successful day at the radio
  • Chris and Elliana's radio interview
  • achieving goals
  • good songs on the radio
  • my new purple Harley
  • town meeting
  • not burning any sculpy in the oven
We wish:
  • no one fell down on the stairs
  • to see the surprise activity
  • Village was an overnight camp
  • it was less hot
  • more time for the surprise
  • for a chore organization system
  • songs on the radio were not cut off part way through
  • for apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  • to get further on houses tomorrow
  • the day were longer
  • there were more dogs at the pond, ridden by cats wearing 3 corner hats


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