Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 6

We began our day by singing the Yellow Submarine, Great Green Gobs, the Gibberish song, the Banjo song, the Bumblebee song and the Jeep song.  It was quite intense and focused singing!  We had homesteaders state a goal for today to help keep everyone on track.  We commissioners decided to change everything and do something completely different today with our schedule.  Here is Jesslyn wearing the wipe board, talking everyone through our new schedule!  The highlights are that we decided to skip morning meeting and went right into working.  This morning's work consisted of cardboard models, lumber orders, house plans and an awful lot of talk about a fellow named Pythagoras and his theorem.  Many a homesteader can now not only identify a hypotenuse but also has the ability to find it's length!

We broke for lunch early in favor of swimming early.... to get back early.  Since homesteaders tend to be SO hungry after we swim, we chose to have snack and meeting immediately following swimming.

Saul moderated for us today.  As he called the meeting to order he suggested we work out our currency because, "We could have anarchy or a dystopian universe without currency."  Up for discussion at meeting was the name of our paper currency and symbols for it.
                                                 Suggested names:
paper money
mini bucks
tiger lilies
Motions were made to close the listing of new names and to vote on one name.  Emmetts won with ten votes.  Next we moved onto symbols.  Suggested symbols were:
a dog head
a cat face with a circle around it and a line drawn through it
a dog nose
a leash
a picture of Emmett on the paper, a picture of the Mackenzie's on the coins
Emmett's face with an "E"
black silhouette of Emmett
This was moved to a vote, the black silhouette of Emmett won.  Next we moved onto the symbol for our money when we write it down, like $ for dollar.  
 Owen brought the wipe board outside and tried his best to draw the symbols that homesteaders were offering.  He also got a little bit bored with this job and drew some other things as well.  Ultimately, the drawing of the bone was chosen as the symbol for our currency.

Following our meeting was another work block, some homesteaders worked on their land, some worked on their houses, others had job interviews.  Two homesteaders felt like they did not want to do any of these things and went ahead and corveed everything!

The day closed with games (Blind Man's Bluff and Entourage) and pluses and wishes.

Today we liked:
  • accomplishing so much
  • getting half way through house plans
  • the whole day!!
  • no corvee (thanks Ty and Will!)
  • swimming
  • job interviews
  • making 2 weapons for my peep
  • playing Blind Man's Bluff
  • finishing drawing on wood
  • getting stuff done
  • starting cardboard model
  • having a really good day
  • playing games
We wish:
  • even more people to meet their goals tomorrow
  • to finish cardboard models tomorrow
  • we had more time
  • more swimming
  • for a hot day so we could swim all day
  • to finish lumber orders tomorrow
  • to make more weapons
  • all but one person were blind in Blind Man's Bluff
  • goggles didn't fog up
  • wish I could think of a wish
  • Mr.PeepT hadn't gotten lost
  • to play more games tomorrow
  • to run faster, in a better line to cross the street
  • to be on time for everything tomorrow
  • someone else does all of the corvee again tomorrow so we can play man hunt
  • I had a corvette!

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