Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 18

 Where to begin?  It is funny how our village changes as we approach important deadlines.  The major theme today was WERK!  We began with Fish and Chips and Vinegar, or as some like to call it: the Salt and Pepper song.  We sang this in a round and then we had the best and most lively rendition of Mountain Dew I have heard yet.  It was impressive and mellifluous!  During our announcements we discussed some very important dates:  appraisal day, mini fair and the peep auction.  We began our discussion of what an appraisal is, what the mini fair is, and what the auction is.  We learned why we should want to be little capitalists for these events!  Appraisal day is tomorrow!  This means that all properties must be finished before lunch, it also means we should have a very nice pictorial in the blog tomorrow. We also had a few announcements from our town fathers (the selectpeeps), something about peeps not attending meetings and maybe loosing their right to vote because they don't show any interest in the town politics.  The topic of paychecks for trading post employees was mentioned.  Apparently they haven't gotten any.  The trading post manager has gotten hers.  There were whispers for a strike, but no one stroke this morning!
I got a picture of the  Grim Peeper!

It seems that as we werk harder on houses and businesses other important jobs fall through the cracks.  The radio station was unmanned this morning.  Rolph and Jacques spent a long time talking about flatulence and the situation with the mint (and the lack of cash) as well as the situation with the trading post manager (for full details on this please read today's paper).  Eventually a DJ kicked Rolph and Jacques off air.

Rolph asked the newspaper editor if he could write some kind of  exposé  about the happenings in town.  The newspaper editor seemed agreeable to this and then disappeared to build her house for the rest of the day.  The result of her actions was not what she had anticipated!

Many homesteaders elected to stay at the farm during swimming today to make more progress on their homes.  Some went swimming that really ought to have stayed behind.
really thorough during clean up!
finishing up a house

nicely furnished

look at that rug!

Mr.PeepT has a really BIG boom box!
hard at work, making big messes!
Town meeting
 Town meeting was very intense!  Manbat and TARZAN are continually trying to push through legislation  to take the vote away from the citizens of New Peepshire.  The only reason they were unsuccessful at passing this law was because this was meant to be a town meeting, not just a selectpeep meeting.  The town clerk and secretary were present and they were allowed to vote.  When this measure failed Manbat moved to fire the secretary.  This was a vote only for the selectpeeps and Chris was outnumbered by Manbat and TARZAN.  When asked what his plan was, Manbat replied, "My plan was to fire the secretary, I did it real good."  The secretary stormed off saying, "Good luck finding a new secretary!  I'm keeping all of the minutes I took!"  Chris said, "We can't run meeting without a secretary."  Chris had a point.  They all looked at me then and said that Rolph was keeping minutes for them.  Rolph denied this and said that he was only present as a reporter.

Chris was not very impressed at losing the secretary, he decided to try to get back at Manbat and TARZAN with his next order of business.  "The mint is doing a horrible job, we need change [meaning mackenzies], I believe we fire the mint."  (See details about the bad job at the mint in the paper)  Chris then left the meeting to bring back the former secretary and any other townspeeps he could get to rally with him in firing the mint workers.  At this time Manbat tried some diversion tactics, "Didn't you say we had to discuss the trespassing law?"
"That was before you fired the secretary," replied Chris.  A motion was made to fire the mint workers.  Manbat, "If you paused the meeting I can too."  Manbat and TARZAN left the meeting to find votes to save their jobs.  Looking for yes votes for the mint is REAL hard.  Meeting is suddenly popular!  Manbat, "Did you hear Chris or me getting seconded by Mr.Adams that we recessed the meeting?  If you fire us workers you will have no money!"

The motion passes and the mint workers are fired.  "We will hide the money and the stamps to print more- We WILL make it corrupt!  We can reconsider this decision tomorrow at the selectpeep meeting!"

Manbat turns to everyone who is working in the peeploft, "ATTENTION everyone:  You now have no more money!"

The meeting tried to move on to the trespassing law but TARZAN was having a lot of trouble understanding what was being said.  With no secretary, there was no one to read back the wording of the law (because no one was writing it down).  The meeting tried to recess and failed.  The discussion was tabled and the meeting recessed again with success.

Shortly after this meeting the FED Times Semi-Weekly was printed and in the hands of all of the homesteaders.  The first action was by the editor of the Peep Times Semi-Weekly.  She stormed up to the peeploft to try to stop the presses because they were printing the wrong name on her paper!  The next action was the trading post employees getting organized (sort of) and going on strike.  Hoping to be paid.  A lot.

Tmon decided to make himself manager of the mint and hired back TARZAN and Manbat.  They got to work shortly thereafter so Tmon must be an effective manager.  Much more so than the FED, the selectpeeps, or the banker!

Our day was so close to the end, but the trading post manager didn't want to lose all of her workers and she didn't want to lose the support of so many friends, so she divided the entire trading post bank account balance (some 6941 emmetts) between all of her workers and had over 700 emmetts directly deposited into each of the workers bank accounts.  It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow!

cutting out windows and doors
adding the outer layer
a fine boat (sort of, it is cardboard!)

intense discussions after the town meeting, "You are only in power because I put  you there!"

someone left some nice shoes at the radio station,
 it was announced many times over the radio
 this afternoon
the mint, back in business
tiny little hinges!
 Today we liked:

  • finding an awesome, smooth rock
  • getting a lot done during the work swim time
  • finishing a bunny house
  • the whole day!
  • getting houses finished!!!
  • getting 75 emmetts for making furniture
  • being re-hired for the mint
  • swimming
  • so much production
  • diving lessons 
  • the entire day
  • getting far on houses
We wish:
  • I don't get fired as town clerk
  • to have gone swimming
  • for a root beer float
  • that I made more furniture
  • that I didn't do what Owen told me not to do
  • the Reps weren't firing everyone
  • people would be honest about paint brush cleaning
  • I didn't get fired in the first place
  • Ringo would finish my furniture
  • the trading post had dark purple paint
  • I wasn't so sleepy in the afternoon
  • I found an oyster colored carpet
  • the water wasn't SO cold for swimming
  • for a golf clap
  • for smooth appraisals tomorrow
  • I finished my house!

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