Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 13

The plan of the day sprouted legs today!
 We are officially around the bend!  Day thirteen brings us into the second half of our summer program.  It was as if a switch had been flipped today, Village is REALLY happening!  Many changes and transformations occurred.  The first of which, PPWP!!  Ask your homesteader what it means and why it is SO much fun!  I think it is the best way to start the day and cannot wait to do it again tomorrow.  We sang baby shark this morning in honor of the kayak-er being stalked by a  great white in Cape Cod recently. Owen then taught us a new song about Eddie Coucha Catcha... his name goes on and on and on, I had trouble writing it all down and I definitely do not remember the rest.  Eddie falls into a well, this song has a surprise ending.  We also tried the Nile Castle song again, this one is tough because there are a lot of hand motions that go along with it.  Singing finished with the gibberish song, really the perfect way to transition to the next event.  We broke into small groups and talked about our daily goals.  Most goals revolved around house building and finishing.

Sage shows off her new peep, apparently
she is not undead  Mackenzie as was originally
proposed,  her name is Madalyn.  She hopes to
inherit Mackenzie's assets and occupations.
Announcements this morning: peeps must be with homesteaders at all times, all interactions are between peeps; newspaper subscriptions are available- 15 emmetts buys you every paper printed until the end of Village, otherwise the price is 5 emmetts per paper; the bank is now charging a weekly fee of 5 emmetts to keep an account, also new checks cost 1 emmett for 5 checks.

Mr.PeepT and his new Harley
Werk Berzerk was completely berzerk!  Jesslyn and Jacques have had this notion of building a proper cob oven for New Peepshire.  After much planning and hauling materials the oven is coming together!  Many homesteaders spent most of their day working on this impressive project.  The PeepTimes Semi-Weekly's new(s) photographer captured the action for us. It is very nice to have a helper to share the load of documenting all that we do.  Thank you Frankie and Victoria!  While cobbing was going on down on the acre, slander and fights were breaking out up in the peep loft between Mr.PeepT and the newspaper and radio.  Mr.PeepT came up to the peeploft to take out an ad about himself in the PeepTimes and to purchase a few subscriptions for some of his friends.  While Mr.PeepT was taking care of his business I heard Sally announce that someone (maybe Owen) had put something over PeepT's head and later that he had fallen off of his brand new Harley.  Not only did Sally broadcast this over the radio, she also told the newspaper about it and was laughing quite a lot.  Mr.PeepT stormed off back to the sheep shed.  In his absence the radio continued to speak of his folly.  PeepT radioed up to the radio station and his loud opinion on the matter was broadcast for all.  Then he stormed up to the peep loft again and was very mad.

 These are some photos taken by the newspaper of Mr.PeepT's temper fit.  I am hopeful to read full details in tomorrow's paper.

 Some peeps were actually working through all of this!

Mr.PeepT's photo shoot
putting together a screen for the cob oven
Tristan cuts out a lumber order while PeepT is off having his temper fit
Hermione's house- all done!
the bottom of the cob oven, ask Jacques if you want more info
building houses!
hauling more materials out to the oven site
look at those incredibly level bricks!
  After lunch and swimming today we did not have a town meeting.  Our elected officials appointed Manbat as the third selectpeep.  Their first meeting will be tomorrow at snack time.  Mr. Adams will be in attendance as town clerk and Elianna will be secretary.  Our second werk block was similar to the first with two major exceptions: the radio had a karaoke show and a private courier/telegram service is now available to peeps for a fee.  I received one mini message today and I am simply delighted by it! 
Courier speaks to a potential customer
Manbat, wear are your pants???
CeCe shows us her retractable claws
finishing up!
  Today we liked:

  • capture the flag!
  • the whole day!
  • best day yet!
  • catching up cutting lumber orders
  • finishing houses!!!!
  • being an undefeated CTF guard
  • coloring
  • the awesome media fight
  • getting really close to my goal
  • accomplishing goals
  • receiving a nice mini letter
  • working on the cob oven!!
  • not working and not being helpful (Owen)
  • tagging Owen during CTF
We wish:

  • for more time for CTF
  • it was not Jordan's last day (it isn't)
  • I didn't get a splinter
  • to talk with the newspaper about placing some ads
  • we had more time swimming
  • the camera worked a little better
  • for a giant pizza 
  • to keep Tae'lar's hat
  • for retractable claws
  • to nail my house together tomorrow
  • to control time
  • for another day like today
  • to take a nap
  • to have more time to build the cob oven
  • tomorrow wasn't my last day (by Jordan)
  • for a giraffe
  • to be more involved in building the cob oven

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