Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 15

Another new set of legs for the plan o'the day
We are in week four!!!!  Homesteaders have less than a week left to finish their houses, furnishings and get their land ready for appraisal day.  This week has come (as always) far too fast.  Our day began with a new song about some sleepy and then loud birds, we called it the pineapple song.  Next we sang Eddie Coutcha Catcha Camma Tosanary Tosanoka Samma Kamma Walkie Brown, Boom Chicka Boom (including verses for: astronaut, old man, get off my lawn chicka boom, really, really small, Quaker style, cantaloupe, and dolphin style), the Coffee Pot song and the Gibberish song.  We had to spend some time talking about the weather today, thunder and rain were forecast... we were fortunate to not have any poor weather during our day, but needed to talk about preparing for the possible disappointment.  We broke into small groups to talk about our daily goals.  All of the dung beetles' goals revolved around finishing houses and creating furniture.

Jacques wears his yellow mustachio
living mustache pet

We commissioners thought it might be a good idea to talk with homesteaders about a Village Bill of Rights.  We thought this might help homesteaders to make good choices while they are playing the game.  Homesteaders agreed that rights are not something that you have to do, they are something that you are allowed to do.  This is about as far as we got.  This is an example of different priorities at different ages.

We have had some more reports of peep maulings coming in.  The new, bigger problem seems to be with the space time continuum and the peeps propensity to rust.  Many a peep has had to have limb replacement surgery.

During Werk Berzerk we had the usual line up:  nailing houses together, painting, working, building furniture, improving land, small business operations, and also (new today) writing an entry for the real estate guide.   This real estate guide will help homesteaders through the appraisal process.  This way no important features go unnoticed.
Rolph wears his special edition pink
mustachio living mustache pet.
Mustachio's  living pet mustaches are the hot
 trend in New Peepshire.  Everyone who's
anyone has one!
the line at the trading post, business is booming

making furniture

creating items to sell
Town meeting looks very not-mandatory and kind of boring,
I hear they did not accomplish anything!
Jeff shows off a new mustachio pet

working on a house

painting a house
getting some help to screw a house together
putting hinges on a door
a very distracting toad

 Today we liked:

  • the whole day!!
  • accomplishing goals!
  • painting houses
  • the cob is drying!!
  • playing a fair game of CTF
  • it didn't rain
  • CTF!!!
  • being the secret CTF weapon
  • the entire day!
  • almost achieving goals
  • finishing houses completely
  • having no lightening
  • good mustachio sales
  • ordering mustachios
  • owning a pink mustachio pet
We wish:
  • the day was longer
  • we had time for the long swim
  • the toad was bigger
  • we had more time for swimming
  • to have all of the houses finished tomorrow
  • I found my water bottle
  • Village was an overnight camp!!!
  • we had more time for CTF
  • all there was, was eggplant
  • to have achieved goal
  • I wasn't so tired
  • people would stop talking during pluses and wishes
  • we could line up faster and have more time to swim
  • to own another mustachio
  • I could teleport
  • I had more mustachio clay
  • Ringo's leg hadn't rusted off

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