Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 11...

We have a moment at the beginning of everyday that  is somewhat unstructured.  Homesteaders are moving their pins, getting their peeps off the acre, getting their water bottles and meeting up in the peep loft for some singing.  This takes some of us less time than others... It is during this time that we sometimes talk about our dreams.  Today, Owen asked homesteaders what they had learned since playing Village.  Here are some responses:  to get more sleep, eat a good breakfast, how to make peeps, using a ruler can be more difficult than you might expect, when we have good instructions we accomplish a lot.

Singing began with the Coffee Pot song, we sang this louder and faster and louder and faster... so fast and loud that we nearly ripped the time space continuum.  Is it not possible to sing faster without also getting louder?  We tried to sing the Coffee Pot song ultra crazy fast in a whisper... it was not exciting but it was very funny!  We also sang the Baby Bumblebee song, the Dunn Song, Great Green Gobs, the Unicorn song, and Mountain Dew.

Elizabeth finishes her lumber order
 Our goals for today:

Claire's ruler really goes to eleven!! (twice!)

  • check off everyone on the progress chart
  • begin the cob oven
  • draw out lumber order on wood
  • drink a lot of water
  • drink 5 liters of water
  • build house
  • do a lot of talking
  • hire employees for the bank
  • make a tram rocket
  • circulate the cash
  • nail house together
  • drink more than everyone
  • make a crash dummy peep
  • finish lumber order
  • finish cardboard model
  • complete roof
  • have as little scrap as possible when drawing out the lumber order
  • swim much past the beaver dam
After goals we needed to talk about roller skating (again!).  Homesteaders gave some examples of roller skating that they have seen:  pushing, rat tails, water bottle throwing.  These things have been clearly identified by the group as roller skates.  The consequence decided upon by the homesteaders for first level roller skates is to have to sit out of games all day.  I asked, since I do not typically care to play the game at the end of the day, if there should be a different consequence for those that do not value game time.  Highlights off of this list were:  make them play the games and make them labor for the government.  Ultimately this discussion led to the idea that homesteaders should be paying attention to keep themselves out of roller skates and walk away if they see a potential roller skates situation.  Another announcement this morning was regarding our vicious, biting stairs: be careful, they bite you when you are not looking!
CeCe makes peep repairs

Onto Werk Berzerk....
As is evidenced by the photos, homesteaders were all over the place accomplishing all kinds of different things.

Raorie hides and makes basketballs

Evan created a sweet flag for his peep

Nick and Ced have business with the bank

Aidan puts the finishing touches on the newspaper
Ingrid has nailed her house together

Nick has mostly nailed his house together

Jared has nailed his house together

Harley's house is all put together

It also has a great hinge action!

Gabe runs the magnet to clean up any stray nails

After lunch and a nice long swim... where we threw more than fifteen leeches from the pond (or perhaps we re-caught just one or two?), it was time for a snack and town meeting.  This group is really struggling to have productive meetings!  The agenda presented was from an old meeting and none of the business on it still needed to be discussed.  One peep wanted to talk about jobs... but no one said anything.  Eventually a hand went up asking about police officers or hospitals, it was clarified that we have no laws to break, and "is it the government's job to provide a hospital?"  Next the New Peepshirans wanted to discuss laws.  Again, there was relative silence.  A law was then moved to require everyone to wear pants.  This motion had a lot of discussion.  Some was mere clarification, "Does this mean all peeps in dresses have to change?"  "What about if you want to take a shower or go to the bathroom?"  Other discussion involved the why behind the restriction, "Tarzan is not a complete nudist, he wraps himself in his cape- I'm sure he's going to get another leaf soon."  "This law restricts our freedom"  "If we accept Rolph as he is, why not accept Tarzan?"  "Maybe Tarzan cannot afford pants."  By Tarzan, "Tarzan has pants, he just refuses to put them on!"  Clarifications were made: in the day time have some pants on, no public nudity; "It is sort of disgusting seeing nudists."  "Are you saying that legs are disgusting?"  "Do you mean underpants at all times?"  The motion was voted upon:  All those in favor of peeps wearing underwear or boxers, or skirts or dresses at all times.  The result was two in favor and fourteen against!

Building a tram rocket
Next we discussed paying the boys from the mint for printing up the money.  The motion was made to pay them 50 emmetts a week for their efforts.  "Where will the money come from?"  "They can take it from what they print."  "No, where does it come from?"  It was then proposed to have everyone in town give a mandatory gift of 5 emmetts to cover this cost.  Rolph reminded the town and the town clerk that the town doesn't have to raise a tax yet... there is money in the town coffers.  Still it was suggested that a mandatory gift be made or the money be stolen.  This is about the time when Mr. PeepT rode his new purple Harley over and through the meeting.  A motion was made "to put this discussion on the table", shortly after the meeting was recessed.

Changing the design
After another long and arduous meeting... we went Berzerk again.  Much of our activities looked the same.  Also offered at this time was a community college course for tram rocket building.  We tried many different ways but were unsuccessful, perhaps tomorrow we will have better luck.

a compartment for peeps!

The first edition of the New Peepshire Times was published today!  This first paper was free, I heard that subscriptions cost 15 emmets.  It was unclear how many papers a subscription will buy you.

When the paper was distributed the entire town was totally engrossed!  Click on the picture to enlarge it and read for yourself.

Today we liked:

  • arm wrestling
  • recreating Elianna
  • a LOT of people reading the newspaper
  • the whole day!
  • getting candy
  • hitting nails
  • accomplishing goals
  • consequence for roller skating wasn't actual torture
  • my arm is equally matched to Evie's
  • getting farther than goals
  • being somewhat stronger than some
  • reading the newspaper
  • great extra long swim
  • playing frog detective
  • dismissing 18 leeches from the pond
  • cash is in circulation
  • finishing building
  • winning at arm wrestling
  • total newspaper engrossment
  • the dramatic deaths in frog detective
We wish:
  • for more time for wrestling
  • peep did not get mauled by a squirrel
  • for a giant cake to jump into
  • we all got to play frog detective
  • mumble Mennonite mumble
  • I wasn't such easy prey for a frog
  • traced out more wood
  • we played more frog detective
  • to play frog detective with everyone
  • it was cooler all day
  • to get further tomorrow
  • finish house tomorrow
  • to swim more
  • to throw a dead fish at uncle Corey
  • to know why no leeches attached onto anyone
  • we had more time
  • for enough money to build a peep mansion the size of the library
  • to be strong enough to beat Tayissa
  • to have comics, horoscope, and puzzles in the newspaper
  • I didn't loose my water bottle

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