Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 19

Look at this big mess!
 Before our day even began we had crazy on the radar.  A very determined critter visited Village last night and went ahead and went through most of the trading post looking for something to eat.  Said critter went through the entire upstairs and downstairs of the barn looking for snacks.  Fortunately we have become very good at corvée , there was not much food to be found in the peeploft.  Unfortunately, homesteaders are not so good at picking up their personal belongings.  Old lunch bags and containers were strewn all over the cubby area.
Lula, Ced and Evie clean it all up!

The prints left behind

 As you can see above today was meant to be Appraisal Day!!!  We had a nice ambitious plan even though it was raining and the tractor was still here.  We sang a few good songs, learned a new one, we all told our weird dreams at the same time.  We even did a social experiment.  If one person puts her finger on her noise, what happens?  Everyone else will too and there will be total silence.
actual werking
actual werking


We moved along into Werk Berzerk with good plans to get everything done before appraisal time.  Some of  us even got right to work.  I don't know if the following crazy was on account of the brownies that Miranda imported through the trading post (the last one sold for 100emmetts), the rain, the tension from appraisals being so near at hand.  But, at town meeting this morning there was a gathering of peeps and homesteaders YELLING.  This broke up and I collected statements from the selectpeeps, unfortunately in all the hub bub I left them at the farm.  While I was collecting, the rest of the community was organizing and posting signs all over the peeploft. Ads and interviews were to be heard on the radio.   An new newspaper was being written and distributed- the Rebellion, hand printed against power hungry peeps!

actual werking

Printing up the Rebellion, the new newspaper in town
interviewing Mr.Adams, "I don't want to vote because I don't want one leader. I want to be free."

lunchtime craziness 
lunchtime craziness 

lunchtime craziness 

Mr. Adams falls apart!
His bottom half!

The craziness with the signs and picketing and new newspapers and interviews lasted through lunch... which we had to have indoors because of the rain.  Homesteaders were standing on the picnic table benches hollering back and forth at each other during our lunchtime.  Needless to say, very few homesteaders had spent the morning on task finishing up their homes for the assessment.  The FED held an emergency meeting and decided that we had to take these homesteaders swimming in the rain and to push appraisals off until Monday morning.  It was the only solution to steer the brewing revolution clear of violence.  This helped somewhat.  We all remembered that we ARE friends and we do like each other and all of the problems between the peeps of New Peepshire were left behind.  When we returned to the farm and our peeps and changed our clothes and sat down for snack.... the craziness began again.  The FED decided to hold an emergency mandatory town meeting to sort out some of the conflicts.  Everyone actually attended, which is unusual for our group because some of us hate meetings that much.  Owen (not Mr. PeepT) played the role of moderator in the interest of being fair and unbiased.  We put together an agenda and got to work.  The first item to be discussed was the state of our government and our selectpeep representatives.
"Manbat and TARZAN should be fired for trying to take away the rights of the townspeeps"
Elianna "Ripping down signs is an act of hate, they fired me"
Janis, "I think we should fire all of them"
Chris, "Why should I be fired? I am protecting your rights"
Manbat, "It is opinion that we [TARZAN and Manbat] are bad reps- not fact"
"They [pointing to TARZAN and Manbat] bribed me not to vote for Chris"
"They lied that Chris was bribing people"
Manbat, "The campaign signs are disturbing and distracting"
TARZAN, "Only Manbat bribed"
Mr. Adams, "I think some other people were bribing me too"
Ram, "Manbat bribed me to open the vault"
"Yes, I did bribe Ram, but only to not vote for Chris"
Chris asks Janis, "What lost me your support?"
Janis, "It is more about what the three of you do together"
Chris, "I do all the work as a selectpeep.  I've been trying my hardest to make this town a better place."
Manbat, "TARZAN is becoming a doppelganger to me which is ironic.  He does everything that I do do but he has his own thinking pattern."
Chris whispers to Ram.  Ram moves to fire all three of the reps.  Chris whispers to Ram again.  Chris, "What he meant to say was 'Who should we fire?'" Ram retracts his motion and moves to fire Manbat and TARZAN as reps.  He takes this back one more time and a motion is made to fire Manbat and TARZAN and to elect two new selectepeeps.  This measure is voted on by paper ballot and the measure passes with 14 yes votes, two nos and one "neither".
Next candidates volunteer and give less than one minute speeches.  My favorite speech came from TARZAN, who promised that if reelected he would not use bribes unless his job was threatened!  A lot of peeps put their names in the hat for the selectpeep race this time, nothing like the piddling two names we had for our last election.  Elianna, Veronica, Janis, Ringo, Manbat, TARZAN, Ram, Frankie and Madalyn all ran.  In the end Janis received the most votes with Elianna coming in second.  They are our new selectpeeps.  The meeting tabled the other agenda items and recessed.

At this point we only had 20 minutes left until we had to corvee.  The homesteaders did the mad dash to put the finishing touches on their properties to get them ready for the appraisal, now set for Monday morning, first thing.

Today we liked:

  • the whole day!
  • the sun came out for a little while
  • finishing houses!
  • resolving issues
  • finishing furniture
  • singing  to and from the pond
  • we got political all over the place!
  • the whole week!
  • going on strike
  • it didn't rain ALL day
  • swimming
  • werk berzerk
  • learning to dive

We wish:
  • for an ice cream sundae
  • to be dangerous in the river
  • to have finished furniture
  • goggles didn't always fog up
  • it wasn't Friday
  • for a dark chocolate fish
  • for a pleasant weekend
  • the screwy campaign thing didn't happen
  • for infinite amounts of money
  • to continue thinking about Village when I get home
  • that furniture stays dry over the weekend
  • my hair comes out blue
  • for thunderstorms
  • it rained harder when we were swimming

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