Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 12

A whole new day!  Also, a different style to our plan o'the day picture, we really like it when it looks as though someone is wearing the plan o'the day!  The first major announcement this morning was that a peep was missing and only her dress was found.  Shortly thereafter,  a second announcement announced that the skeletal remains of the missing peep had been located, sans head!  Oh my!!  The best thing to do when something terrible happens is to learn a new song.  Jesslyn and Owen were both incredibly accommodating on this front.  Jesslyn taught us Honk Honk and the Nile Castle song, Owen taught us a song about a sardine.  We also sang the Done song.  After this we tried something completely different... homesteaders broke into very small groups and met with commissioners to talk about their goals, agenda items for town meeting, and their overall progress.  This helped to focus the homesteaders and alert commissioners to places homesteaders may be lagging.
the remains of Mackenzie

Some goals I heard this morning:

  • finish house and paint it
  • drink more
  • remake peep
  • finish cardboard model and lumber order
  • paint house and put it on the land

 This morning during our water one up-manship we noticed a significant difference between Jared's water bottle and Gabe's... I think the difference was about 56 ounces!

Werk Berzerk was incredibly busy as usual.  In addition to the normal things (cardboard models, lumber orders, drawing on wood, nailing houses together, painting houses, hosting radio shows, running the trading post, filing deposits in the bank...)  we also had campaigning for selectpeep happening and a special political edition of the PeepTimes Semi-Weekly was being printed.  This was the first paper with a real time crunch.  The entire paper was created and published before lunch today so that all homesteaders and peeps could read it before this afternoon's elections.  In addition to an excellent interview with the candidates and their pictures this special edition includes news about the peepocide this morning and a piece of fiction.  Talk radio today had a very interesting discussion about mustaches and how everyone has an inner mustache (among other things).

After lunch and a nice long swim (which included mandatory blind man's bluff and swimming lessons- this was to help the homesteaders understand what it can be like with a dictator running things), it was time for second lunch and town meeting.  The agenda agreed upon this morning included tee shirt design, elections, and law creation (specific to theft).  This was the first meeting where commissioners and their peeps stepped back all the way.
Campaign poster for Tarzan

Meeting began at 1:38pm.  The moderator called for any tee shirt designs to be presented.  Fernanda was the only one who had a design on paper who also came to meeting.  She showed it around the circle.  Elliana also had a design in mind, but with no drawing homesteaders had a hard time visualizing her idea.  Fernanda's design was voted in with the addition of peep and homesteader names on the back.  The color of the tee shirts was discussed next.  Options presented were: purple, blue, green, white, red, pink, yellow, light blue, and orange.  Purple won, I will not tell you what our tees are going to look like other than that they will be purple and you will have to come see us at the mini fair to see the rest!
Next agenda item: Elections.  First homesteaders had to decide how to vote.  Two suggestions were made:  ballots to be stuffed into the cash box or closing your eyes and putting up your thumb. During discussion homesteaders talked about write in candidates, only two peeps are running for three seats.  Sometimes when this happens, the two who are elected appoint their third.  Other times, write ins on ballots wind up filling the vacancy.  Jesslyn shared that a cat became mayor of a town in Alaska as a write in candidate.  Also in discussion it was decided that thumbs up would be too difficult to see and that was revised to a "hands up" casting method.  One of the candidates was really pushing for the non paper ballot system.  Moderator, "Does everyone understand?"  Janis, "I am absolutely sure we are not on the same page."  More clarification was necessary before the vote.  There were only two votes for (ten against) the write in ballots.  There were ten votes for (and one against) the verbal, blindfolded, hands up voting method.

"When should we vote?"  Unanimously, "Now!"
"When will we hand power over to our new officials?"  "ASAP, tomorrow."

Tarzan took four votes and Chris took seven.


These are the faces of New Peepshire's government 

This is what we look like when we vote
Shortly after this the meeting moved on to a discussion about laws.  Janis wisely tabled the discussion and moved to recess.  We can let the elected officials work out the laws.
This is what we look like when we are engrossed in an amazing newspaper!

Everyone is reading it!

 In our afternoon block we were incredibly busy again!  Another day was spent trying to get the tram up and running.  We are now looking at completely different options due to technical difficulties, possibly a pulley powered tram instead of rockets.  Stay tuned for more progress.  I heard that the cob oven will begin proper construction tomorrow!  When this was announced one homesteader remarked, "Did you say PIZZA?"

Today we liked:

  • accomplishing goals
  • the whole day!
  • that it wasn't too hot
  • getting house 98% done
  • getting a house for my peep
  • Roarie caught a daddy long leg
  • I know where to find Ty
  • that it turned sunny not rainy
  • getting several goals accomplished
  • remaking peeps
  • it didn't rain
  • the election issue of the newspaper
  • completed goal (drank 1 gallon of water)
  • totally finished house (way to go Nick!)
  • getting a newspaper together really fast!
  • going far past my goal
  • getting at least half way to my goal
  • seeing Village working really well
  • seeing houses complete
We wish:
  • we had more time for Werk Berzerk
  • we played frog detective today
  • I finished cutting out my house pieces
  • to furnish my house
  • my house looked brand new (perhaps a nice coat of paint???)
  • I had time to finish my house
  • it wasn't Ty's last day
  • my peep hadn't been eaten by a squirrel
  • that Ty stays and Dalton comes back
  • the tram rocket worked
  • to stalk Ty
  • I didn't complete my goal (drinking 1 gallon of water)
  • to know why Ty is leaving
  • I had time to edit the newspaper before going to press
  • for a thunder storm tonight to prevent Ty from leaving
  • lbplbplbplbp
  • I completed my goal
  • leavers would consider coming back
  • for the sky to be filled with paisley
The many squirrel attacks on primitive shelters and peeps are really helping to get these homesteaders in gear to get their proper home done.  Yay squirrels!!!!

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