Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 4

Day four was begun with singing and a brief meeting.  Evan printed up words for a song he really likes called "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?", we all gave a few verses of this song a try and really enjoyed it.  We also sang the Coffee Pot Song (really, really slow; quick; lightening; crazy fast!), the Banjo Song, Tarzan, the Jeep Song (which mentions nothing about jeeps), and a new song called Boom Chicka Boom.

During our meeting the FED informed homesteaders about applying for federal jobs.  The FED is now taking applications for Bank Manager, Radio Station Manager, Trading Post Kidager, Town Clerk, Moderator, and Secretary.  Applications are due in by next Tuesday at lunchtime, interviews will commence after swimming on Tuesday, July 10th.  A few peeps have already applied!  Rolph and Mr.PeepT are looking forward to interviewing the peeps!

Jared introduced us to Jeff Adams.  He is a scientist who mainly works with potions.  Jeff is 28 years old, very tall and cannot see without his monocle.  He makes new discoveries everyday.  Jeff wears a monocle because during a very bad experiment, his eye fell out.  He has discovered that pop rocks and coke don't mix.  Saul wondered if Jeff might be able to help him with his paralyzation.  Jeff informs us that he only works with potions.  Perhaps he can help cure Saul's skin condition?  Tarzan would like a potion to help his leaf stay on. Jeff is working on a sticking potion.  The rest of the community would like it if Jeff discovered a potion for pants.  This would be possible because Jeff currently has a potion that takes ordinary seeds and changes them to grow extraordinary things, such as: nickels, dimes, coffee cups, blackboards, socks.  "Please don't make a hair removal potion!"

Dalton introduces Morton.  Morton is about 30 years old and is a fan of moonshine.  "I sadly report that my still is broken, my family is in a shambles.  The old still on the hill broke!"  We are unsure how tall Morton is because we cannot measure him, he is usually flat on his back, drunk.  Apparently a bad cat was to blame for the trouble with the still.  Morton finds it inspirational that the Mountain Dew song has verses about him and his family.  Morton has a dirty beard.  Morton and Jacques are enemies because of Morton's drunkenness and Jacques's accent.

 After meeting the group split up to prioritize.  The first priority today was to finish peeps, after that homesteaders need to build and finish their primitive shelters, next fence their properties, then job applications.  Everyone now has a peep and a primitive shelter.  The peeps will be staying in their primitive shelters this weekend.  I hope they survive!

Lula and the large leaf she intends to use for a primitive shelter

Aidan's  peep and primitive shelter

CeCe puts the finishing touches on her shelter

Evan and his peep and primitive shleter

Ram in his primitive shelter

Ingrid gets some help with her primitive shelter

Fallon and her primitive shelter

Jared builds his primitive shelter

Nick's primitive shelter

Lilly's primitive shelter

Victoria puts the finishing touches on her primitive shelter

Victoria's shelter close up

 After lunch and an extended swim (it is really hot today!), homesteaders chose some land to make the town center.  We asked the homesteaders to find their ideal place and just stand there.  All of the kids wound up in the same space!  It is very nice, shady and flat.  We strung up the boundary string and tried out making it different shapes.  The homesteaders already know quite a bit about the relationship between area and perimeter and they decided to make an eight pointed town center (as close to a circle as was allowed).

stringing up the town center

 All we did at afternoon town meeting were peep intros.  Roarie introduced us to Ram.  Ram likes jumping off high stuff without a parachute.  During a demonstration of this he lost an arm.  His favorite color is silver.  His favorite hobby is jumping off even higher things!  His favorite sport is jumping off of things.  Ram has a pet arm.
Lilly introduced us to Ringo.  He is from Liverpool and he is in a band with three other peeps.  Ringo plays the drums, likes screaming crowds and is vegetarian.  Ringo doesn't remember his favorite bedtime story.  His favorite color is green.  His stage name is Ringo Star.  He is 23 years old, likes asparagus and does not have a favorite leaf.
 Elizabeth introduces Paul McCartney.  His favorite color is red, just plain red.  Paul plays the bass guitar, he is 21 years old, has no pets and is also vegetarian.  His favorite food is apples.  In his spare time he plays more bass.  Saul wonders if the music he plays will be pretty.  Paul and Ringo both inform us that they plan to play rock and roll.  "Oh!  The devils music!", says Saul.

Evie introduces us to Fernanda Rosata.  Fernanda's parents are Spanish but she grew up in France.  She loves to travel but doesn't ever wear any shoes.  Fernanda is sympathetic to Jacques because she has been many places where she doesn't speak the language perfectly.   She likes the color green, is interested in botany and agrees that Tarzan needs pants.  Fernanda is 24 years old.  "That flesh sword is really creeping me out Tarzan."

Aiden introduces us to MaryElla Buttonhoff, or Janis for short.  Janis if from Wales, she migrated through the Alps and the Bering Strait with her crocodile, Bernie, to Alaska.  She is now an Eskimo.
Favorite color: Ultra marine
Favorite food:  Sardine and peanut butter and jelly sandwich  Hobbies:  Carving crocodile teeth, sleeping in and bungee jumping
Janis does not hibernate, does not have superpowers and likes any music with words and a tune.

CeCe introduces Elliana.  First she informs us that we all need etiquette lessons, then Elliana rants and raves about her precious cats.  She has little interest in sharing any information about herself with the likes of the rest of us.  She love, love, loves cats, wears a black dress because she is always ready for a funeral and does not approve of flesh swords.  Elliana's cats will attack you if you should trespass on her property.  "How far do your cats patrol?  I am your neighbor, will they eat me?"
 Tae'lor introduces Miranda.  Miranda tells us nothing but her name because she is hoping for a lot of questions.  We find out that she likes to eat a lot, she has five not vicious cats, she is from UK, she is 21 years old, her favorite plant is the rose, she likes classical music and summertime best.  Miranda plays the violin.
Sage introduces us to Mackenzie.  She is 20 years old, a doctor, purple is her favorite color, she has one dog and two cats.  Her dog chases one of the cats, but not the other one.  She is also form the UK.  "What happened to your cheeks?  Welts?  Got punched?  Birthmarks?"
Mackenzie informs us that she has blood stains on her face from falling off a cliff.  She was just walking and she fell.  It turns out that as she was walking Tarzan pushed her.  She has had her revenge, she gave Tarzan a leaf of poison ivy!
 Lula introduces Sally.  Sally has an eye wound and wears her hair wrapped around her eyes because of this.  She used to be a scientist until and eye drop experiment went horribly wrong.  Sally's favorite colors are yellow and purple.  Her favorite animal is a dog, though she has no pets.  Mackenzie offers to heal Sally's eyes.  Manbat offers some wisdom," Usually scientists get someone like Tarzan to test dangerous experiments."
 Tayissa introduces us to Jacqueline.  She is 18, from France and the sister to Jacques.  Her pets are a dog, fish, snake,chicken, and pig.  She is a mass murderer.  This is a hard thing for most of the community to comprehend, did she say she was a masked murderer?  math murderer?  bass murderer???  She kills people, not peeps, for money.
Claire introduces Veronica.  Veronica is 53 years old and has cancer.  She has a broken leg and a half leg (the other half was eaten by a shark).  Veronica wants to be a baker... but this job was not posted by the FED, so now she is not sure what to do.  Perhaps she can open her own business and be her own boss?  Veronica was born in Africa and sleeps every night with her wild pet lion.  She has had cancer since she was 18, she is still alive because she got support from a cancer walk.  "They learn me how to walk with half a leg."

Today we liked:

  • building primitive shelters
  • building temporary fences
  • introducing peeps
  • getting caught up
  • swimming
  • the whole day!
  • Tarzan is going to sleep in a tree over the weekend
  • I am still alive!
  • that it is time for the weekend and sleeping in

We wish:

  • we had more time for everything
  • to build better fences next week
  • it wasn't the weekend
  • my peep wasn't unraveling
  • to complete my house next week
  • to build an awesome house
  • for a good haircut
  • our peeps don't get mauled over the weekend
  • there won't be any dead peeps on Monday
  • our peeps don't get scared sleeping in primitive shelters this weekend
  • Village was all year!
  • for a Ferrari and a banjo
All of the peeps are sleeping on the land in their primitive shelters this weekend.  There were many nervous homesteaders!  I hope all is well for Monday!

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