Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 7

 Today we began with something completely different: A federal proclamation!  The FED will now fine homesteaders if they are caught without their water bottles, so be sure to send your homesteaders to Village with something to put water in!  Hydration is one very important key to homesteader success!  Songs this morning included:  the lion hunt, Great Green Gobs, the Sun song, the Gibberish song, and the Wieny song.  These songs probably have really wonderful, real names... I, however, do not seem to know them!  Ask your homesteaders for a performance! We went around the circle and everyone listed off their goals for the day, perhaps another day I'll write these down to share, some are VERY ambitious!

Our morning meeting was all about roller skating.  We commissioners have noticed far more roller skating in the portable toilets than we feel is reasonable.  We asked the homesteaders for a middle of the road solution for this problem (meaning somewhere between nothing and staying home for a day).  Here is what the homesteaders suggested:

  • spanking with the cricket bat
  • sit out for a few minutes
  • no games for a certain amount of time
  • FED fines
  • big and small dunce caps- sit in the corner with your peep
  • 2 chores at corvee instead of one
  • time off of swimming
  • give commissioners your lunch (the commissioners added this to the list)
  • give Rolph poop for a day
  • sit out, think, make amends, apologize
  • clean the honey pot with your tongue
We put it to a vote and "no games for a certain amount of time" won with 15 votes.  Next we put the amount of time out for discussion, times suggested ranged from one day down to five minutes.... with increments like 26 minutes in between.  One whole day was the winner of this vote.  These homesteaders seem to be gluttons for punishment!  This also says that the majority of our town doesn't like unsafe behavior.

Werk Bezerk this morning included house plans, cardboard models, lumber orders, working on the land, organizing the trading post, and printing currency.  After this we had a nice, meeting free lunch and swim.  We are getting better and better at running to the pond to have more time for swimming!

At afternoon snack and meeting commissioners asked how homesteaders were feeling about their new consequence (of sitting out from games for a whole day for unsafe behavior) and if they might like to change it a little bit.  No one did, they are sticking to their guns!  The rest of town meeting was spent not so much as a meeting but more of a class.  All homesteaders now have a check book and registry and they know how to use them.  The entire village practiced by writing out a check to Rolph for 50emmitts for poop.  It seems that Rolph maybe tricked homesteaders into giving him a lot of money and permission to dump manure on their land!

After the check writing seminar we split the homesteaders up by age (they managed to do this silently).  The older half of the group headed outside to work on some team challenges.  The first challenge was to get everyone over the wall.  Here are some pictures:  And yes, the older kids were successful!

We did have one injury....thumbs down

 Next the older kids were asked to find the most ingenious ways to get everyone to touch a ball in the fastest time possible.  Their final time was less than two seconds!

While the older kids were out challenging themselves, the younger group stayed behind to work more on the things from the morning Werk Berzerk block.  After awhile, the homesteaders traded places.  The younger group first started with the ball challenge.  These guys got their time down to four seconds!

 The younger group did not have enough time to get everyone over the wall, they did manage to get seven homesteaders over.

 While the youngers completed their challenges the olders went back to morning activities including printing money.  This is harder than you might think.  I think that when the rest of town sees the new currency they will be in for a bit of a surprise.  Stamps were made for 0 through 9 as well as one for the bone symbol and one for the emmet symbol.  The trouble with making stamps is that the image you carve is the mirror image of what you are going to get! Oops!  "We can just turn the paper upside down"

making money

working on a cardboard model

working on cardboard models

setting up the trading post
 While today was an exceptionally excellent day overall, the best was clearly saved for last when we played capture the flag!

Owen tells us the rules of the game


Today we liked:
  • swimming
  • everything!
  • everybody got along
  • achieving our goals
  • Aidan's silent, sneaky flag capture
  • everyone got WAY more done than they thought they would
  • the whole day!
  • currency is nearly done
  • "I chose the best summer camp!"
We wish:
  • we could play CTF all day
  • we were less hot and out of breath from playing!
  • we all met our goals
  • we could play CTF everyday
  • we could play CTF even longer
  • wish I had a wish...
  • Will and Owen will complete building Tom's house tomorrow
  • I knew the cat's name
  • I had cold water dumped on my head and was standing in the wind
  • CeCe would do all of the corvee tomorrow

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