Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 2

We really are off to a good start at Village 2012!  We had another homesteader join us today and I am quite pleased to report that we are officially FULL!  We began the morning with singing.  This is the planned norm for all days.  Our group is so wonderful that we are getting more than 85% participation with this duty.  We sang a few more verses of Mountain Dew (mountain dew... them that refuse it are few... are few!), Ingrid taught us the Weeny Song, we sang Black Socks, the Banjo Song, and were introduced the the Gibberish Song!  We learned that Gibberish was mellifluous which is the opposite of cacophonous and the same as euphonious.  Our new homesteader introduced herself as "No" and then we sang the Coffee Pot Song until  everyone stopped yawning.

At our morning meeting the #1 (or was it #2) rule was reiterated to make sure that all homesteaders understand just how important safety is at Village.  The unfortunate truth that unsafe behavior can lead to taking a day off from Village was made public.  Apparently there was a lot of roller skating in the portable toilets yesterday, while we like funny business it is very important to always keep safety in mind.  

Next we were introduced to Nick's peep:  Bob the T.
Bob the T is known to his friends as TMon, he speaks to us with a Jamaican accent.  He is a 21 year old policeman from NH.  TMon dislikes nothing. His favorite foods are meat and juice.  He likes rope, has no family, actually doesn't like anyone with a name ending in "a".  TMon travels a lot.  "I have Jamaican in my relatives who are no longer alive."  TMon has 100 friends, his favorite ice cream is chocolate.  "If I could do anything, I would sit on a beach and sunbathe."

Ingrid introduces us to Lavender:  Lavender is shy.  She wears a crown because she is rich and gives all of her money to the poor.  She has a cat, a dog, three bunnies and no other family.  She is 20 years old from the other side of the galaxy.  Mr.PeepT and Jacques ask Lavender if she knows another word for giving all of your money to the poor.  We all learn the word philanthropy, Rolph questions if the pronunciation is correct, "I thought it was philanthropoo."  It turns out that Lavender's pets create a bit of waste that Lavender is willing to give to Rolph, so in this case it really is philanthropoo!  Saul has questions about the cat, "Is it a big cat?  Is it a scary cat?"  It is a kitty cat.  Lavender's favorite ice cream is strawberry.

The rest of the morning was spent finishing peeps, writing peep profiles, making time and space capsules, beginning house plans, and working house plans out on graph paper with actual measurements.  It was an incredibly productive morning!

We are working SO hard!

After lunch and a swim we had our first SURPRISE activity.  I think all of the homesteaders were surprised. Commissioners have learned from experience that to have a truly great summer we need have faith in each other and really feel friendly toward our fellow homesteaders.  To facilitate this and help it along we did trust activities.  The first activity, all of the homesteaders were asked to line up by age without talking.  Our second activity, all of the homesteaders were asked to line up in rainbow order with the colors they claimed as their favorite yesterday.  Our third activity involved trust circles.  We split into two groups, circled up, placed a homesteader in the middle and let them lean.  We only dropped two homesteaders!  Our fourth trust activity was paired trust falls.  I think we are feeling a bit better as a group.  Next time, no hand licking, you know who you are.

Jesslyn demonstrates proper trust fall posture 

We try to pay attention

Jesslyn demonstrates proper catching posture

Brave Fallon in the middle.  We did not drop her!

Not sure how trust worthy Nick is... he is squatting below the circle!

Ced and Will,  Lula and Ingrid do pair falls

Nick and Kaleb trust each other

Jared and Harley are gearing up to it

Gabe and Lilly trust each other

Elizabeth and Ty trust each other

Aiden and Dalton trust each other

As I type this I realize just how full our day was!  After the trust adventure we split into two groups where I took no pictures.  One group went up to the peep loft to learn about the relationships between area, perimeter, and points in a shape.  This lesson was reinforced with a giant cookie that homesteaders  had to choose how to cut.  Hopefully the homesteaders will take this knowledge with them when they string up mini acres to maximize the amount of land they get out of their perimeter strings.  The other group stayed outside and learned how to pace off an actual acre.  We learned that an acre is over forty thousand square feet!  We  learned that to get five acres we do not multiply the perimeter by five.... because that would give us about 25 acres!  We learned that is it nice to know how to pace and how far certain paces get us because sometimes measuring equipment fails or is not available.  It is nice to be able to just use your own body.  We also learned that it is important to know the size of an acre (which is really BIG) to make sure that the federal government of the United Peeps of Monadnock don't cheat homesteaders on their land.  The groups then switched.

Moving right along we did corvee (chores), snack and another meeting where Mr.PeepT led by example parliamentary procedure.  More peep introductions:

Evan introduces the Painter.  The Painter likes drawing and creating, he is 26 years old.  He used to be a pirate, his favorite food is spaghetti.  He lost his leg when it was blown off by a cannon.  The Painter makes robots, his favorite color is red.  He chose to become a painter when as a pirate he entered an art gallery and was inspired.

Harley introduces ManBat, the somewhat doppelganger to Batman.  He is 23, his family is unknown (probably dead).  Favorite food: waffles
Hates cats ("They get in the way of running roof to roof or pole to pole")
ManBat doesn't fly, he glides
He might be terrified by a ginormous cat, he will not know until he fights crime in the real world
Rolph asks, "Poop or guano?"  Manbat replies, "No comment."

Cedric introduces Chris.  He is interested in architecture and interior design "Maybe I can help you with your houses.  My house used to be in the mountains.  I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa and was appalled by the bad architecture."  Chris is 39 years old... comments from the crowd, "You are old man!"  Jacques corrects Chris that it was not poor design that makes Pisa lean, but poor foundation work.

Today we loved:

  • meeting new peeps
  • working on peeps
  • getting a lot done
  • getting more cookie
  • finishing peeps
  • summer sausage
  • cookies!
  • swimming longer
  • Saul's new carrier
  • clean porta potties
  • the whole day!
  • trust falls

We wish:
  • we had more time to make peeps
  • we had another giant cookie
  • we had more time in the day
  • everyone is able to come to Village on Thursday
  • to swim even longer
  • "I was taller"
  • the porta potty didn't get emptied when we were here
  • Rolph would stop talking about poop
  • for new shoes for Jacques
  • Rolph would shower
  • Rolph got shoes

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