Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 14

the plan o'day legs have shrunk
PPWBP!  Ask your homesteader what it means!  This morning we sang the Jeep song, the Coffee Pot song, Great Green (or brown) Gobs, Eddie Coucha Catcha (whatever?), and Yellow Submarine (or moldy jelly bean, or bowl of celery).   Some goals for my group, the Dung Beetles, were to get houses up and out on the land, finish drawing on the wood, making lots of furniture, nailing houses together, painting...

We asked the kids what Village means to them. Some responses: fun, fun, lots of fun, swimming, you learn how to make a town, "You get to make a community that you like, not the one you were born into."

We are moving to more and more unstructured time in our Village.  During Werk Berzerk this morning some homesteaders were putting the finishing touches on their houses, some were busy building a cob oven, some made furniture, some worked at the trading post, some hosted shows on the radio, some wrote newspaper articles and advertisements, some created new businesses.  I saw to new businesses in our town this morning: the Shop of Mustachio's, living pet mustaches; also the courier service is up and running.  Rolph sent welcome gifts via courier to every new house on the acre.  We were all kinds of busy, all over the place!
Mr.PeepT is such a showoff!

At lunchtime it was hard to tear homesteaders away from their work.  Fortunately and unfortunately it was rather cool at lunchtime so we decided not to swim.  Many homesteaders got right back to werk when they finished eating.

a gift from Emmett
At this time the mint got back to werk printing the emmetts.  Apparently when they printed the original agreed upon 1600 emmetts, they printed most 100 and 50 emmett bills.  There is almost no change for these large bills and not enough money to go around. The mint was off to a good start printing 13 emmett bills, when havoc struck and one of their stamps was stolen.  This created a panic among many citizens because it was one of the important stamps and no more emmetts could be printed without it.  The stamp was returned.

The selectpeeps had announced in our morning circle that they would meet at snack time "over there."  At snack time a number of disgruntled citizens showed up for the meeting to state their grievances.  The agenda for the meeting was unclear and the secretary spoke very softy, so I am not really sure what the official business was meant to be.  This is what I heard:  the town motto should be "Peep is Peep backward", Emmett is the town mascot, Saul wants his head on the money and ramps for everyone, creation of a jail and trial system.  The biggest discussion revolved around passing a no stealing law.  The consequence for theft will be that the perpetrator must pay a fine of twice the value f the item stolen.  If the perpetrator has insufficient funds, he/she must sit in jail while their slave does community service to work off the debt.  There was a lot of discussion about this.  Some of the selectpeeps really want to lock up "criminals", others are more forgiving and like the community service option.  TMon wants enforcement and re-enforcement to protect the trading post from perpetrators during their sentence.
Jared builds furniture

Mr. Adams tries out his new chair and television set

CeCe works on a news paper article

Evan has begun his mini fair attraction
little blond assembly line!

putting houses together

working on a lumber order
the mint, printing the emmetts!
selectpeeps meeting
more cobbing
Mr. Adams and one of his living mustaches
 Today's paper, two sided.  The back features a whole page ad by Mr.PeepT

 Popular on the radio this week were: "I've got a feeling" the the Blackeyed Peas and "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.  I'm not sure I heard anything else... or is that just my hyperbole talking?

Today we liked:

  • playing ultimate frisbee
  • the bank is going well, it has hours now
  • the whole day!
  • nearly finishing the cob oven
  • CTF!!!
  • accomplishing goals
  • finishing houses!
  • opening the Mustachio business 
  • using the courier
  • I will be back for the mini fair (by Jordan)
  • buying a mustache
  • making 30 emmetts working
  • awesome work on a cool oven! People worked SO hard!
  • finished building house
  • started printing more money
  • nearly got to goal
  • it's Friday!!
We wish:
  • didn't hit my thumb with a hammer
  • Jordan wasn't leaving
  • it wasn't Friday
  • I didn't step on a bee
  • I worked on my house more
  • we could have finished the cob oven today and made bread
  • I won at CTF
  • I wasn't leaving (by Jordan)
  • I was more rich and could hire someone to build my furniture
  • it wasn't so hard to scoop wet sand with bare hands
  • that Jordan wasn't leaving, or wouldn't have come at all so we wouldn't have to say goodbye
  • that RAM wouldn't steal
  • for Jordan to find one million and two dollars so he can quit his paying job and play with us all summer
  • we had another week between weeks three and four
  • I could come tomorrow
  • we could have gone swimming
You may notice many comments about Jordan leaving us.  He has been the BEST volunteer ever and he is very dear to our Village.  We are VERY sorry that his vacation is over and he has to return to his regular job.

Thank you for playing with us Jordan!!!  
We'll miss you!!

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