Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 16

We like to keep homesteaders on their toes.  The first big change up this morning was the letters.  PWPTC!  Ask your homesteader what it means!  We had our morning singing and meeting down on the land in our town center (hence the "TC" in the early letter attacks).  We sang the Banjo Song, Baby Bumble Bee, and Boom Chicka Boom (including verses for normal, louder, as loud as you can, throw up style, custodian style, valley girl style, tired style, hyper style, Emmett style, Sean Connery style, and George W. style).  We also learned two new songs:  Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic and the Shel Silvertein Mermaid song.  After singing we broke into groups to talk about our goals and to learn more about the real estate guide.  Everyone was given a real real estate guide to help understand the concept.  We talked about impressive language like "cozy" for small, "modern" for strange, "tidy" for barely furnished...  I can't wait to read this when it is printed.  The concept seems barely grasped, which is perfect!
the completed cob!!!  can't wait to fire it up!
Our plan o' the day really looks best when worn as a dress!
Other change ups and surprises today included the introduction of a tractor.  It seems like a tractor intro might not be a big deal, trust me this thing was HUGE!  Instead of letting the homesteaders have free reign of the property and their own mental space as we usually do, homesteaders were given the option to work on their land or take a furniture making CCC.  The initial plan had been to do this for the first half of Werk Berzerk, everyone was so engaged and having so much fun being incredibly productive that we did this all the way up to lunch!

We were on the ball today to get the maximum time out of our swim- homesteaders are finally realizing that it is entirely up to them how long it takes us to get ready to go, how long it takes to walk to the pond, how long it takes to find swim buddies and how long it takes to count off.  Just as we lined up to make the return trip to Village Field Farm there was a loud crash of thunder and it started POURING!!!!  Two dozen village people then ran most of the way back to the farm and got extra soaked.  Please properly dry your homesteaders gear tonight so it doesn't get stinky!
HUGE tractor

 It was still wet and rainy for our second Werk Berzerk period.  During this time we had snack, a selectpeep meeting, made furniture, worked on the newspaper (for tomorrow), listened to the radio show, worked on business plans and used the excellent courier service!  The courier offers to deliver mini mail for two emmetts (envelope provided), transcribe and deliver mini mail for five emmetts, deliver packages (two sizes available) for a fee and the courier will preform singing telegrams (in private) for five emmetts!




learning some tecniques for furniture creation
Miranda types up some article for the newspaper
there is always a line at the trading post

Jeff and the girls work on furniture

 Today we liked:

more furniture
  • that it rained on the way back from the pond
  • getting new mustachio pets- Saul is now part of the popular trend
  • got a mini cat
  • that the thunder waited until we were done swimming
  • getting a pet squirrel and a baby mustachio
  • TARZAN finished his house
  • the thunder
  • AH Bfst apf
  • the whole day!
    finding a pig surfing in the clouds
  • the rain and thunder during our walk back
    from the pond
  • completing goals
  • getting furniture done
  • the courier service- singing telegrams
  • CTF!
  • getting a lot of orders for mustachios
  • the sudden cloud burst
  • earning a lot of emmetts
  • the awesome rainstorm
We wish:
and more...
  • I got the hinges on my house today
  • we could talk about the CTF rules again as a big group
  • the bank computer did not fail
  • I had been able to cash my check
  • for more thunder
  • the stupid piece of machinery at the bank stopped falling asleep all the time
  • ubp ubp ubp ubb
  • to have some cake
  • it didn't rain during our walk back
  • we all achieved our goals
  • for snow
  • people wouldn't complain that they were getting wet walking back from the pond-
    you were already wet!
  • I didn't loose Frankie
  • my feet weren't wet
  • Victoria's new peep head didn't really
  • the cob wasn't in the rain 
  • for a bagel
  • to earn more emmetts tomorrow
  • I could have walked back with you!

tiny correspondence!


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