Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1

As far as first days go, I certainly will not complain.  We have an amazing and large group of homesteaders with so many diverse abilities and talents.  Our day began meeting up in the church yard next to the Village Field Farm.  Have I mentioned that we are a huge group?  We are, and I think the town of Nelson may have noticed the commencement of our summer program.  We had a nice, BIG circle and everyone introduced themselves and their favorite color, tomorrow we will do this again and see if we all remember who we are as well as of our corresponding colors.   We found that we have homesteaders joining us from many different schools and communities, some from as far away as Temple!

Our proper day began with a tour of the farm and buildings.  Mr.PeepT told us where we could, couldn't, should and shouldn't go.  We all let him know that we "UNDERSTOOD!"  After our tour we had a bit of circle time and sang some fabulous songs.  Homesteaders from last year may have remembered a few of them.  We sang the Coffee Pot Song, the Banjo Song, Baby Shark and a bit of Mountain Dew.  Next we discussed rules and regulations.  As it turns out Village only has two rules:  No roller skates in the Portable Toilets and Be Safe!

Moving right along we did some scale activities.  Village is a game in a scale of 1:24, to make everything the right size for Village it is important to understand what it means to be in scale or "right size".  This was a fun and interesting activity because homesteaders grouped objects as too big, too small, or just right for Village.  Then they checked each other's results.  We found that some scale is approximate while sometimes, when you get really specific things that look right are not.  For example, we had a scooter.  It looked to be about the right size for Mr.PeepT when he rode on it.  However when measured with a mini ruler, it turns out that the handle bars are six feet off the ground!  We also had a right sized frying pan that when measured was about three mini feet long... imagine trying to cook with a pan that large!

After the scale game it was time for lunch and recess.  Recess of course means SWIMMING!!!!  It was a little chilly, but after some more rules and regulations all homesteaders got cool and wet!  I am really looking forward to tomorrow when all of us are pros at this rules and regulations thing and we don't have to waste anymore time with it!

Now the moment most homesteaders waited all day for... Making peeps.   You'll see some sneak peaks in here today, but proper peeps introductions will have to wait until tomorrow.  I must reiterate what an incredibly creative and diverse group we have.  So many, many great peeps to meet!

Today we liked:

  • seeing new peeps come together
  • making peeps
  • making new friends
  • the whole day!
  • seeing old friends
  • having Village today
  • we have an awesome group
  • that we did not lose anyone today

We wish (we could):
  • have more time for everything today
  • for another awesome day tomorrow
  • to go to the moon
  • for a pet duck
  • win the lottery
  • have more time for swimming
  • more time to make peeps
  • didn't screw up peep pants so much!
  • have beef jerky for lunch
  • make houses tomorrow
  • make another space time continuum
  • we didn't have to stay home on Wednesday
  • to be president
  • control time
  • hadn't lost goggles in the pond
  • we don't lose anyone tomorrow!

Beginning of tour, name pins

Everyone move your pin, so we know where you are

Our amazing new sink!  Such and improvement!

"Do not go in here, UNDERSTOOD!?"

Mr.PeepT shows us the compost pile

Admiring the newly constructed picnic tables


All of us!

Teaching the homesteaders how to make us coffee.  Just kidding!

Circle time

What size is Owen in relation to Mr.PeepT?

Mr.PeepT is about 8 mini feet tall!

Ingrid demonstrates that a hat is right size by trying it on Rolph

Cedric counters her argument, saying that while it appears to be right, it would actually be about 2  1/2 feet long

Harley demonstrates how well Mr.PeepT appears to fit with the scooter

Mr.PeepT does not want anyone to know he is riding a scooter


Cece makes a peep

Victoria, Fallon, Evie and Lula make peep heads

Harley, Will and Ced make peeps

Jared, Elizabeth, Lilly and Dalton having fun

Aiden, Ingrid and Tae'lor work on peeps

Nick, Claire and Roarie get some work done

Victoria has a very nice head

Jared's peep has eyebrows!

Lilly sewing clothes

Elizabeth puts skin on her peep

Roarie finds new uses for clothes pins

Evan and Nick carefully constructing 

Nick and his finished peep, I can't wait to meet him tomorrow! 

Jesslyn helps Claire

Evie's peep is wearing a bikini

Victoria's peep has a tweed jacket and corduroy skirt

    Happy Birthday to Evie and CeCe today!!

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