Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 5

Monday!  Monday!!  For you parents out there, reading this... Please let your children sleep over the weekend!!!!  Oh my goodness, what a lot of tired homesteaders we had today!  We began our day by checking in with our peeps.  Fortunately no one had any damage to report, the weather and animals were kind to our community.  First we sang the This Way That Way pirate song, then Mountain Dew, the Coffee Pot song, and Boom Chicka Boom with new verses featuring Saul, TMon, Mr.PeepT, Rolph, a pirate, a sassy person, a whisper verse and finally a silent verse.  All of the verses were fun, but I think the silent verse was the most!

At morning meeting we noticed and were introduced to new homesteaders (Sarah and Elizabeth), one new commissioner (Jordan) and a few peeps.  We also briefly spoke about currency.  Homesteaders were given all day to consider what might work well for money.
Victoria introduced us to Frankie (short for Francis).  She is from Florida, she loves cream soda, the color purple and snorkeling.  Frankie has a pet snake.  The snake eats mice (not squirrels- for those of you that asked).  Frankie catches the mice with a fishing net.  You might be wondering if her snake eats swimming mice, the mice are normal, mini mice, not swimming mice.  Frankie's favorite food is chicken pot pie and she is 22 years old.

 Will introduced us to Tom, not Thom.  Saul says, "Uh oh, he has a mohawk, he might be one of those punk rockers!"  Tom has four cows and two pigs, it is unclear whether he keeps them as companions or meat.  Perhaps both.  Tom is right handed and his favorite food is bacon... so he probably, might be raising the pigs for meat.  There is only one "O" in Tom's name, although everyone has trouble pronouncing it.  "I'm new to this world, I don't have any hobbies yet."
Jordan introduced us to Sheldon.  Sheldon is very shy.  Very, very shy.  Sheldon is 30 years old and knows a lot of Snapple facts and Google facts.  He shared that more people are injured by soda machines than by hippopotami (hippopotamuses?).
After morning meeting the homesteaders split into three groups and got a good, solid look at the trading post materials and the supplies down at the sheep shed.  It is important to keep in mind what is available when designing your peep's home.  The remaining minutes of our morning were spent designing houses and creating blueprints.  After lunch and a nice swim we got right back to it.  Some homesteaders have moved onto cardboard models!

Corvee and town meeting (again!):  The agenda today was to choose a type of currency, have two more peep introductions and ???

We met Sarah's peep, Victoria, first.  Victoria is 21 years old and has a golden retriever as a pet.  Her dog eats dog food.  Victoria is from London and enjoys sewing in her spare time.  She also enjoys horseback riding.

Announcements at meeting:

  • Jacques has lost one of his boots
  • Tarzan has lost his leaf!
Onto currency.  This discussion began with the actual object to become our money.  Instead of having a conversation about what attributes might be a good idea, we went ahead and just listed off a number of things that might be fun or could actually work.  Here are some of our ideas:

squirrels, acorns, fingers & toes, Rolph's friends, tiny green clay, beads, paper with symbols, sunflower seeds, actual pizzas, tiny pies, leaves (or Tarzan's underpants), three leaf clovers, banana peels, lily pads, blades of grass, leeches & bass, Tarzan, wheel chairs, frogs

We narrowed the list considerably when we realized how not unique many of these items are, and how easy it would be to counterfeit.  We narrowed the discussion to tiny pies, three leaf clovers, and paper with symbols.  Paper with symbols won with a majority vote.  This discussion was tabled and we moved on to one last peep intro, which I did not manage to get a picture of.  If you look up at Sarah's picture and envision a peep with dark hair and dressed very differently you can almost imagine what Elizabeth and her peep look like.  Elizabeth introduced us to Hermione.  Hermione is 12 years old and has a pet owl.  Her favorite color is blue, she is from London and has no siblings.  

Today we liked:
  • Sarah & Elizabeth came today!
  • making nice house plans
  • all peeps have been introduced
  • finishing peeps
  • finishing house plans
  • doing pluses and wishes
  • waking up this morning
  • ready to make a cardboard model
  • working here- not the recycling center
  • everyone is here now
  • transferring house plans to cardboard models
  • nice weather
  • "my wish came true"
  • Tarzan did not get mauled by a squirrel
  • swimming
  • blueprints are ready
  • going home 
We wish:
  • we had more time to make the currency symbol
  • it was warmer outside
  • to finish house plans this week
  • building houses goes well
  • part of town did not collapse in the earthquake
  • to make one million dollars in 5 years
  • to build a house tomorrow
  • for cake
  • for a wish
  • I didn't eat so many grapes
  • I could fly
  • I was a giraffe
  • more wishes come true
  • we found Tarzan's leaf
  • for school to start up again (what the heck!?!)
  • to go home

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