Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 8

 Where does the time go?  I cannot believe were are already 1/3 of the way through our program!  Having said that I question if it is correct.  We are making amazing strides toward our goal of having a community.  Be it team building activities, home building, working together... we are on our way!  This morning we sang the Yellow Submarine, learned Shel Silverstein's Unicorn song, Lean on Me and finished with Ultimate Gibberish.  Ask your homesteader about Ultimate Gibberish, it was pure cacophony!  In our morning circle Owen asked homesteaders if they had been dreaming about Village because he has been.  Many homesteaders have been dreaming about Roarie and unicorns and the rest of us to some extent, how funny.  Goals were mainly focused in two major areas today:  making forward progress on houses and HYDRATION.  The hydration goals turned into a bit of one-up-manship, beginning with the goal of drinking 2 bottles of water today going all the way up to 5! The rest of our morning was spent on Werk Berzerk.
Will balances his check book and pays for his lumber order

Jared puts the finishing touches on his cardboard mode

lunchtime fun 

This is Elizabeth and her peep, Hermione.  You may remember my mentioning them several days ago.  You may also remember my mentioning that if you looked at the picture of Sarah and her peep, Lilly, you would have a very near representation of Elizabeth and Hermione.

The first part of town meeting today was another informative seminar.  This time we took a good look at Robert's Rules of Order.  We paired off, learned one point and presented back to the whole group.  This took more time than was fun, but now we know.  More importantly, now our moderator knows what our expectations are.  After this we had our first homesteader moderated meeting.  It was amazing.  A few homesteaders clearly paid attention during the seminar and they tried their best to follow all of the procedures.  Our moderator is easily distracted.  The FED took advantage of the lack of order and the amount of time it took for the homesteaders to accomplish anything by going way off topic for long stretches, secretly waiting and hoping that someone (hopefully the moderator) would stop them and call the meeting back to order.  Ultimately what was decided upon was to have the mint print up 1600 emmetts to have in circulation.  This was confusing because someone said that 1600 and 16,000 were the same thing.

After meeting we did some more Werk Berzerk.  At this time the trading post had a lot of business and we heard our first radio show.  Some featured songs were: "Beat It", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Open Book", and (oddly) "Kids with Guns".  The DJ's also put out their first public service announcement- no touching the mics unless you are employed by the radio station or you will be fined 5 Emmetts!  

We finished our day with capture the flag!!!

Some of us sat out on CTF, we did other stuff instead

Lots of other stuff!
Today we liked:
  • The whole day!!!
  • charcoal all over the face, washed up real nice!
  • having a great day!
  • drinking my third bottle of water
  • capture the flag!!!!!
  • working on lumber orders
  • sticking to the schedule
  • it was SO hot, great for swimming
  • so much awesome spirit in the CTF game
  • store and radio going really well, great to see the concept of Village in action
  • some houses are nearly complete!
  • achieving goals
  • finishing cardboard models
  • drinking 8 bottles of water
  • swimming!
  • sold some stuff at the trading post- made a LOT of money
  • awesome radio show
  • beating Evie at 20 questions
We wish:
  • for a wish
  • don't want a wish, everything is going great!
  • Owen was more helpful (ha!)
  • for more CTF
  • no one saw Aidan getting the flag
  • tomorrow wasn't Friday
  • the mini fair was today and it did not mean the end of Village
  • we had more writers for the newspaper
  • it was not SO hot
  • to remember the feeling of others' and be kind
  • for more time to print the money
  • for several minds and 20 hands to do other people's work for them (by Owen)
  • I didn't spend so much money on my house!
  • for more water drinking tomorrow
  • more swimming
  • Dalton would stay longer
  • there were no roller skates today
Don't forget to bring your balls!  Juggling tomorrow!

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