Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 20

We are officially in our home stretch!  I cannot believe that this was the last Monday of Village 2012.  As usual we began our day with some singing.  We are getting so good at Mountain Dew that sometimes we dance when we sing.  The plan for today was mostly appraisals... and that is mostly what we accomplished!
Practice assessing a building made by the Founder, Cia Iselin
Janis's home, igloo shaped
the inside of Janis's home

a desk with drawers that really open! 
Frankie's home
Frankie has a custom mixed paint color for her interior
Sally has a home that is completely squirrel proof!
Sally has a hot tub full of blue feathers!
TARZAN's home
TARZAN's home has a nice hidey hole
another view of the nice hole
Fernanda's home with a nice path down to the pool
a pool with a flower strewn archway
Fernanda's upstairs
Fernanda's downstairs
a tiny telephone
nice couch!
Veronica's home, great location!

Painter's home, a deep well with fortified walls!

RAM's home

RAM's bomb shelter

Paul's home

Nice bed and couch Paul
Paul's home is very accommodating for large guests

Ringo's recording studio

Paul and Ringo have very yards

a peep neighborhood
Tom's home
Tmon's home, complete with pool
Tmon's front door
Tmon is not an incredible house keeper, but
he does have a lot of pet snakes!
alternate view of Tom's home, we have no interior
 picture be cause the roof fit a little too well!

Jeff Adams' home
Jeff has a cool hiding space under this tree
inside of Jeff's house, table, bed, plush chair!

Manbat's treehouse

Close up of Manbat's home
Man bat has a very nice yard

Manbat's mossy bed
Lilly's lovely lavender home
Lilly's nice yard
Lilly's interior
Lavender's colorful hot tub
Lavender's home with real screen windows!

Lavender's home has been the hot spot for Village sleepovers
Victoria's home
Victoria's spacious, uncluttered interior

Hermione's home

Hermione has many nice things to sit on

Elianna's home
Elianna's cushy couch!  It is a foldout!
Chris's home
Chris has a real frog and a mustachio living in his home

Miranda's hone

Miranda's lovely rug

Madalyn's interior

Madalyn's home, nice paint!

a cob almost ready for action!

Today we liked:
  • swimming!
  • free cupcakes and sugar cookies! (the bakeries in town did not have anytime to open today because of the appraisals, they gave all of their wares away at the end of the day)
  • appraisals hopefully went well for everyone
  • getting appraisals done!
  • seeing all of the finished houses
  • coming back (by Will, he was at another camp for a couple weeks, he likes this one more!!!)
  • free baked goods
  • good goodies
  • the whole day
  • finding a tiny frog (I think it was a toad)
  • learning to play WAAAH
We wish we could:
  • have more time swimming
  • it were colder out
  • tomorrow has free baked goods plus brownies
  • have more time to finish up the appraisals
  • I brought a bathing suit today
  • have had time for corvee today
  • for free bacon
  • it was less hot
  • for another cupcake
  • for as much bacon as possible
  • for a dump truck full of bacon
  • for a giant bacon pizza
  • I knew which bakery to go to
  • I wasn't allergic to everything
  • my roof didn't break
  • for key lime pie

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