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Sarah Bollinger
This is Sarah's second year running the summer Village program.  Sarah and her peep Rolph run the Game of Village at Marlborough School as well.  This summer Sarah and Rolph are looking forward  to EVERYTHING!  "Is there a better way to spend the summer?  I think not!"

If you have any changes, emergencies, would like to visit or would just like to discuss the program, Sarah is the person you should call. Emergency phone number (603) 903-5610

Jesslyn Mullet
Jesslyn Mullett is a middle school math and science teacher who loves finding the fun in the fundamentals.  A summer camp veteran, she is very serious about play and scampering about in the woods.  Her peep is Jacques, a very passionate French man with a flair for the dramatic.  Jesslyn is also a certified lifeguard and makes our swimming adventures very safe!  Back up emergency phone number (413) 588-8151

Owen Iselin
Owen Iselin was a villager for many years as a kid.  Cia Iselin (the creator of Village)  was his grandmother, so he has pretty much been playing Village his whole life!  Owen also makes a GREAT salad!  Owen is known as the shop dog this summer.  He will be running the wood shop and keeping it safe for all.  If you have any great building materials you would like to contribute you should definitely call Owen.   His peep is Mr. PeepT.  Mr.PeepT has been a boxer, a commando, a model, and a motivational speaker.  He makes the kids "UNDERSTAND!" and of course he "Pity's the fool."

Tristan Bridges

Tristan joins Village for the first time this summer.  He comes to us with a teaching background in high school art.  He also brings much building, woodworking and gardening experience.  Tristan and his peep, Saul, plan to teach homesteaders all about being capable this summer!

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