Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 22

The plan of the day is very blurry and it has two right legs, this pretty much sums up our day.

Energy was very high this morning, we sang the Wieny song, the Jeep song,  Taaaahhhm (this song is like Eddie Coutcha Catcha, but instead of Eddie and his Coutcha Catchas we filled those parts in with Taaaaahhhm and the Gibberish song- it was CRAZY!!!), and the Done song.  We were so pumped and LOUD that we went into a round of Ultimate Gibberish (ask your homesteader about this).  Then we MFWB in addition to the PPWP (again, ask your homesteader).  Our whole morning was spent creating a **********, *****s, *********s, a ***** of ******, ******s, signs, more signs, a ****** *****, **** a ****, *** **** and **** ******!  You will have to come to the mini fair tomorrow to fill in all of those blanks!  It promises to be a very fun afternoon with many yummy treats!

Getting ready for the fair involves moving many tables

Many hands makes much lighter work

Our mini fair grounds.... oh the possibilities! 

The cob, doing it's job

We had very special visitor s at Center Pond today

Dan and Peri brought a real sailboat, the Peepita!

Everyone rushes into the water to make the most of our swim time

We LOVE to swim

After our swim everyone watches the Peepita sail around the pond

An incredible vessel- built by Dan

When we came back from swimming it was time to move some more tables

It is important to have fun when doing things like table moving

the two groups raced with their tables to the fairgrounds!

neck in neck!

excitement down at the cob

making *****s to make sure the cob functions properly

Sorry for the very cryptic post today, we have amazing splendors awaiting you tomorrow at the Mini Fair.  Be sure to come between 3pm and 6pm!  

Today we liked:

  • *****
  • the mini fair is coming up
  • *****
  • got a ******
  • *****
  • the entire day
  • helping with the cob
  • making the *********
  • teamwork!
  • finishing everything
  • watching the Peepita sail
We wish:
  • wisdom came without experience
  • the mini fair wasn't tomorrow
  • to control time
  • to go back in time
  • Village was next month too
  • for root beer with icecream (not a float)
  • *** **** finished
  • got all of the rides done
  • we had more time
  • I wasn't this thirsty
  • that tomorrow we come in focused for the mini fair
  • for cake
  • for icecream
  • for fish
  • for fried dough
  • I drank more water today

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