Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Day...

The plan of the day grew in size and
sprouted many, many legs 
Our final day.  I was worried that today would be very sad.  We have spent five whole weeks learning, playing and exploring together.  We decided to make the most of our time by having fun and reminding each other that there is life after Village.  Before singing, we asked homesteaders again "What does Village mean to you?"
What Village means to the homesteaders of 2012:

  • teaching politics and building
  • a mini concept of life
  • a time where you can see what it would be like of you were mini
  • teaching what makes a good community and other stuff we wouldn't have known
  • teaching what life will be like with money and stuff
  • teaching how to make a little world without having a major impact on the rest of the world
  • learning things to use later in life, the most fun way possible
  • to observe how a town works, training for later in life
  • to learn economics, politics and to be creative
  • an awesome way to spend time, make friends and do something

We sang the Coffee Pot song, Great Green Gobs, the Banjo song, the alphabet in French, the Sun Song, Mountain Dew, and the This Way That Way song.  Energy was high and everyone was pumped to clean up the enormous mess we made the day before with the Mini Fair.  You may not know this, but we have skipped corvee almost all week.  The peep loft looked like wild animals had run through it, the sheep shed was totally unsuitable for work, and the land was littered with traces of the fun that was had.

First things first, everyone helped move tables back up to the barn, picked up garbage, brought supplies back up to the barn, brought all of the attractions from the fair back up to civilization.  This went very quickly considering how long it took us to make such a big mess!  Next homesteaders took down their fences, property markers, swimming pools, and returned the land to its original condition.  We tried to stretch the grass back up out of the ground, these efforts were futile.  The Village of New Peepshire disappeared.  When we finished you would not have been able to tell that anything amazing had happened there except for the lingering magic in the air.

 After cleaning up, we had a nice long and relaxing lunch, not our usual "EAT MORE FASTER!"  Then we ran to the pond for a nice, long, much needed swim.  When we came back we did the most proper corvee ever!  Homesteaders put back all of the things that were out, they moved all of their belongings out to the driveway and we swept, vacuumed, tidied, warshed, until everything was back in top condition.  Then we moved onto superlative awards.

our homesteaders scramble to all fit into a picture together
Sadly, homesteader Harley was unable to join us on this last day.  His WTHAF Award means Way Too Honest and Forthright (to be the corrupt politician that he really wanted to aspire to)
Claire gets the Carebear Award
Lula gets the Snoopy Award
Victoria gets the Purple Vader Award
E receives the Over Achiever Award
Evan, the Epic Pro Award
Jared, the Ingenuity (bursting with cookies) Award
Evie, the Wizard of Oz Award
Lilly, the Flower Power Award
CeCe, the Peachy Award
Tae'lar, the PeepT Award
Gabe, the Rolph Award 
Sage, the Jacques Award
Nick, the Secret Weapon Award
Cedric, the Punctilious, Persnickety, Perspicacious Award
Ingrid, the Wonderland Award
Fallon, the CITIT (commissioner in training in training) Award
Elizabeth, the Stealing Home Award
Most of us!

 Now.... time for an auction!!!!  Homesteaders had many bidding wars, even against themselves!


Sold! to the boy with the shirt!

PeepT rides a stallion

We unfortunately did not have time for proper pluses and wishes today.  These are our favorite parts about the mini fair:

  • cookies, and sweets and pizza!
  • the entire fair, but it was too hot
  • the food, especially the pizza
  • the Water Fall of Terror
  • the whole thing!
  • seeing all of the people come to visit!
  • the Flying Swings
  • the Trebuchet
  • the little brownies and pizzas and selling Mustachios
  • Josh bought 30 snickerdoodles
  • buying the most goodies from Madayn's Bakery
  • making things for the mini fair
  • interacting with peeps from other places
  • made LOTS of emmetts
  • Will's hand did not explode in Whack a Squirrel (or was it called Whack Will's Hand?)
  • Wax Monkey's
  • great cob oven
  • Rockets
Thank you to everyone for helping to make Village 2012 an ENORMOUS success in a small scale!  Counting down the days until we can play again!

Thursday, August 2, 2012